1. North Dakota bans three companies suspected of promoting fraudulent ICO
  2. 85% of developers can change project agreements at any time
  3. The EOS main network proposal for CPU changes will increase the available CPU resources by at least 2 times.
  4. 15 extraordinary projects that showcase the future of blockchain
  5. BTCC will launch cryptocurrency exchange in South Korea this month
  6. The Maldives Monetary Authority warns the public not to trade in digital currency
  7. Chainalysis Partners with Binance to Tackle Global Cryptocurrency Money Laundering
  8. Cobo Raises $13M to Take Cobo Wallet Cryptocurrency App Global & Launch Cobo Vault
  9. Some US universities accept cryptocurrency donations
  10. The Internet Society of India forms a committee to build a blockchain ecosystem
  11. BTTC Crypto Exchange to launch in South Korea next month
  12. European ICO raises funds far more than Asia and the United States
  13. Bitfinex transfers its banking business to Hong Kong Bank of Communications
  14. NEM Foundation to establish blockchain center in Melbourne, Australia
  15. LINE’s cryptocurrency exchange Bitbox launches its own token
  16. Accenture and Zurich Insurance have partnered to manage block bonds using blockchain technology
  17. BlockClick Continues to Break New Ground – Adds Two New Exchanges
  18. Unocoin, the Indian virtual currency exchange, uses ATM to circumvent the virtual currency ban
  19. LINK Now Available to Trade, Exclusively on BITBOX
  20. Bitcoin network transaction processing costs are much lower than banks
  21. South Korea’s Financial Regulators still view ICO’s and Crypto in a Negative Light
  22. 19 companies approved to operate digital currency exchanges in the Philippine Economic Zone
  23. Ethereum Fund provides nearly $3 million in grants to businesses and groups
  24. Fidelity, Goldman Sachs, Citigroup and other institutions have strong demand for digital currency
  25. German hackers develop electric bikes that accept bitcoin payments
  26. Bakkt CEO: We are about to see the cryptocurrency revolution
  27. Coinbase Opens New office in Dublin, Ireland with plans to enter EU market
  28. Paxos Standard™ Quickly Achieves Global Adoption By Over 20 Top Crypto Exchanges And OTC Desks
  29. German DZ Bank could be considering adopting Ripple blockchain
  30. DAIBC Panel Discussion on safeguarding investor’s interest
  31. New South Wales, Australia seeks property rights transfer based on blockchain technology
  32. DigiFinex opens DFT deductible transaction fee function today and enjoys 50% discount before October 31st
  33. SBI Ripple Asia’s Moneytap Opens in Japan
  34. Berkeley, California will host the first crypto music festival
  35. Two major US regulators issue warnings about false claims on digital currency investments
  36. Papua New Guinea launches sovereign digital currency research and development plan
  37. Mastercard Patent Hints at Plan for Multi-Currency Blockchains
  38. Bithumb Trading Booms after Sale, Outpacing Even Binance
  39. BCH developers develop an anonymous trading platform for BCH
  40. NBA star announces that its shoe brand accepts cryptocurrency payments
  41. Chairman of the Hong Kong Securities Regulatory Commission: intends to supervise locally operated digital currency trading platforms
  42. International Monetary Fund: Exchanges will continue to be the target of hackers
  43. Nasdaq-listed company DocuSign has integrated Ethereum network
  44. ACI Worldwide Named a Leader Among Global Merchant Payment Providers by Independent Research Firm
  45. Sterling Consolidated Revises Dividend Record Date and Distribution Date
  46. If the government authorities start investigating Tether’s wrongdoing, the USDT will soon lose value.
  47. Sharing Economy International Receives Nasdaq Notice of Non-compliance
  48. Thor Swap Releases Web 1.1.0 Version
  49. DATx Establishes Cross-Chain Hub for the Blockchain Industry
  50. US SEC Halts Fraudulent ICO That Claimed to Possess Regulator’s Approval
  51. Indian Gov’t Is ‘Evaluating’ the Launch of Its Own Cryptocurrency
  52. Crypto Entrepreneurs made it into the list of China’s Richest
  53. Former Trump consultant Gary Cohen joins blockchain startups
  54. ODEM empowers student life through blockchain educational platform
  55. GameGraph to Build a Crypto Game Protocol on the Hedera Hashgraph Public Distributed Ledger
  56. Swytch and Ben.co Partner to Enable Seamless Adoption of the Swytch Token
  57. ONO Capital and the Korea Zeniex Exchange jointly established the OZO Fund
  58. US Nevada attempts to apply blockchain in energy tracking systems
  59. Suspect of $24 million crypto scam unable to return to Thailand
  60. Microsoft Adds 60,000 Patents including an Open Source Blockchain Project
  61. Chairman of the Korea Financial Supervisory Authority: It is necessary to accelerate the cryptocurrency regulatory framework
  62. A new mining malicious code is spreading disguised as a Flash update installation package
  63. Venezuelan President Maduro: Calling on the working class to support Petro
  64. The SEC has summoned more companies, with a focus on companies that fail to properly ensure that their tokens are sold to qualified investors
  65. JPMorgan Chase Bryson Lake: Institutional investors are also interested in crypto
  66. ETC Labs incubator will start in the first quarter of next year
  67. Adam White, former vice president of Coinbase, joined Bakkt as COO
  68. Parcelx is the “Uber” of cross-border logistic service provider
  69. The stolen ETH on the SpankChain platform has been returned by hackers
  70. DIFY Partners with SAFRA To Launch First Unchained Event
  71. Scam Websites Using New Zealand Prime Minister’s picture to run cryptocurrency campaigns
  72. Forbes Business Council member recommends developing blockchains and Dapps to beat competitors
  73. US Securities Regulatory Commission increases crackdowns on ICO’s
  74. IMF warning caused the market value of cryptocurrency to drop 13 billion US dollars in 3 hours
  75. Singapore regulators to help Crypto firms who are facing difficulties opening local bank accounts
  76. Green Is The New Black host The Conscious Festival for the 4th year
  77. US Customs wants to evaluate blockchain pilots by the end of the year
  78. South Korea will make its decision on whether legalising ICO’s in November this year.
  79. Asian investors and traders are likely to be the cause of today’s bitcoin plunge
  80. Taiwan’s “Blockchain MPs” propose to expand the scope of anti-money laundering laws to include cryptocurrencies
  81. The US SEC has summoned more cryptocurrency startups
  82. Top universities such as Harvard and MIT invest in crypto funds
  83. Brazilian High Court: Banks have the right to close accounts associated with cryptocurrencies as they wish
  84. Digital currency is once again considered a method for getting rid of economic sanctions
  85. Amazon Cloud (AWS) introduces blockchain templates for users to build blockchain networks
  86. EQIBank the World’s First Licensed and Regulated Offshore Bank for National Currencies, Crypto and Digital Assets has Launched
  87. Korea Exchange Upbit discloses cryptocurrency listing review principles
  88. Thailand’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs revokes cryptocurrency scammer’s passport
  89. Glen Oaks Escrow Announces It Will Accept Cryptocurrency Through BitPay
  90. OKEx Launched Partner Exchange Program to Nurture a New Generation of Digital Asset Exchanges
  91. Digital Asset Custody Company Announces Secure Custody Solution for Stablecoin USDC
  92. OTC Platform CoinCola Announces Dash as Newest Cryptocurrency Listing
  93. London LBX Exchange launches new solution to solve the banking problems of crypto companies
  94. In the Future, Blockchains will replace Bank Vaults
  95. Coinbase is expected to enter the Japanese market next year and is awaiting approval
  96. Singapore OEX Exchange Now Supports GUSD
  97. Beyond crypto: Pundi X unveils blockchain-powered phone
  98. “Carrefour adopts blockchain” is second most search on Baidu
  99. Malta will assist Vanuatu in establishing blockchain rules
  100. Singapore Will Help Crypto Firms Set Up Local Bank Accounts
  101. Digital Money Brokerage Services partnered with Polymath to provide over-the-counter trading services
  102. Ella Zhang, Head of Binance Labs: The encryption industry needs real use cases to increase public acceptance
  103. Cryptocurrency bank in Germany has signed 30,000 users
  104. Jake Chervinsky: cryptocurrencies face regulatory risks, compliance risks and litigation risks
  105. HKIBFA2018 Annual Blockchain Billboard Awards Ceremony Online Registration Channel Opens
  106. Huobi Blockchain Big Data Weekly Insights (Vol.17 2018/9/26–2018/10/3)
  107. Blockchain technology is entering the commodity market
  108. Orvium Recognised as Standard Technology Partner of Amazon Web Services Partner Network
  109. POA Network Launches the First Full Featured Open-Source Ethereum Block Explorer BlockScout
  110. Yen-Pegged Stablecoin to be launched by Japan’s GMO Internet next year
  111. Korea Blockchain Association Report: ICO and blockchain technology can provide 170,000 jobs by 2022
  112. Autonomous Research: Global ICO activity has decreased by more than 90% this year
  113. Dutch blockchain company Libereum will acquire football clubs through digital assets
  114. Australia’s exploration of blockchains in the federal government’s national disability insurance plan
  115. Bitcoin’s former chip designer launches new cryptocurrency mining equipment company, plans to conduct IPO next year
  116. Expert take on the effects of Stablecoin on the ecosystem
  117. The blockchain governance agreement OATH Protocol has reached a partnership with the decentralized B&B community PopulStay
  118. Japan Internet Group GMO will issue a stable currency GJY linked to the yen in 2019
  119. Binance invests millions of dollars in the smart contract verification platform Certik
  120. Small exchanges are facing difficult times in the bear market
  121. Founder of Morgan Creek Digital: The deterioration of the status quo of crypto funds is shocking
  122. Charlie Lee: People use cryptocurrencies for privacy and substitutability
  123. IBM Food Trust Expands Blockchain Network to Foster a Safer, More Transparent and Efficient Global Food System
  124. Ledger Capital Partners with Opera Software to Grow its Blockchain Technology Initiative
  125. Dubai to offer digital payments on Pundi X technology
  126. EOS Lite cannot afford the RAM cost of airdrops and cancels the initial airdrop plan
  127. Blockchain technology is entering the commodity market
  128. The Mayor of Seoul Announced Plans for a $100 Millon Fund to Build A Blockchain Smart City
  129. Dubai’s government credit agency Emcredit collaborates with blockchain payers to facilitate digital currency payments
  130. Japanese real estate company will use BTC and NEM blockchain for contract settlement
  131. Hainan Free Trade Zone (Hong Kong) Blockchain Test Zone was announced today
  132. Co-Founder and Managing Director of leading blockchain media firm shares the key strategy for building long-lasting community
  133. Blockchain platform “KLAYTN” developed by Korean Internet company Kakao began trial operation
  134. The American Lupus Foundation accepts mainstream cryptocurrency donations such as BTC
  135. Top Venture capital, BlockVC reveals the secrets of the trade
  136. Australia’s new bill may have a major impact on blockchain applications
  137. Kakao’s Ground X Unveils Its Blockchain Platform ‘Klaytn’
  138. South Korea’s Woori Bank launched a blockchain identity verification platform “BankSign” PC version
  139. Buddy tool will simplify DApp deployment on EOS
  140. IBM: IoT makes Bitcoin’s proof of work mechanism more efficient
  141. TRON will upgrade to Odyssey 3.1 at 8pm
  142. South Korea has seen 158 crypto wallet hacking incidents in the past 3 years
  143. Petition to make XRP the official cryptocurrency of Tokyo 2020 Olympics garners 7,500 signatures
  144. AI Dapp unveiled by AIC for the first time in the world listed on Bitforex
  145. eFederalReserve.com Domain Name Being Offered For Branding BitCoin and Beyond
  146. BitGo Supports Dash: First Multi-Signature Wallet and Custodial Solution
  147. BYU Law Becomes 100th Organization to Join the Global Legal Blockchain Consortium
  148. The Nigerian Women’s Accountants Association organizes a new financial technology seminar on blockchain
  149. Local Tech Giants Kakao, Line and KT to launch their own cryptocurrencies
  150. Wikipedia co-founder talks about Everipedia, that its use of blockchain can go beyond Wikipedia
  151. SALT Updates Platform to Include Litecoin
  152. BlackBerry Brings its EoT Vision to Healthcare to Improve Patient Outcomes
  153. Chairman of the Russian Financial Markets Committee: The country’s cryptography will not use terms such as “cryptocurrency” and “digital tokens”
  154. German Bitcoin Mining Company listed on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange
Japan Virtual Currency Exchange Association to implement stricter rules for Digital Asset Storage
  156. Google is set to update its ad policy in October, allowing some crypto businesses to advertise on its platform
  157. Virtuse Exchange will Save Investors from “Investor’s Protectionism”
  158. Russian Federal Financial Monitoring Agency: Domestic drug dealers are using cryptocurrencies to fund their transactions
  159. Korean TV station launches blockchain educational TV program
  160. Italian Banking Association completes system testing of inter-bank blockchain development
  161. French game giant Ubisoft joins blockchain game alliance
  162. A hacker managed to steal 235 million Pigeon Coin Tokens worth about $15,000
  163. Tell Me How Lit Your Cutie Is and I Will Tell You How Many KickCoins You Can Get for It
  164. Block.one Developer Relations Team Leader: We will focus on blockchain adoption and usability challenges
  165. Malta – The ‘Blockchain Island’
  166. HTMLCOIN Releases AltHash Web-Platform and Signs MOU for Blockchain-Based Birth Certificates
  167. SEC rejects rule changes regarding two bitcoin ETFs proposed by Cboe BZX Exchange
  168. Alibaba submits application for blockchain patents that allow “administrative intervention”
  169. Ibinex Launches Comprehensive Market Report on Cryptocurrency
  170. Four court cases in the United States confirms cryptocurrency to be a commodity
  171. Blockchain Voting Innovator Votem® Corp Acquires Venerable Market-leading Election Software and Online Voting Company, Everyone Counts
  172. Former SEC employee: XRP is not a security but a currency
  173. Stanford University ranks first in the US amongst blockchain universities
  174. Thailand: Upcoming and Rising Country for Blockchain
  175. Executive Chairman of Edelman Financial Services: optimistic about Bitcoin but not does not recommend investmenting before the SEC approves ETF
  176. Former Japanese professional baseball player initiated a petition wishing to use XRP as the official digital currency of the 2020 Tokyo Olympics
  177. Petro coins are not fully linked to oil and will be supported by gold, etc.
  178. Bank of Japan Consortium Launches MoneyTap Free Money Transfer Application Based on Ripple Payment Technology
  179. Korean Telecom Giant KT to develop blockchain-based P2P donation platform
  180. The Wall Street Journal briefly launched its cryptocurrency WSJCoin
  181. There are currently more than 3,800 cryptocurrency ATMs around the world
  182. Japan’s new Minister of Science, Tech And IT Pro-Blockchain
  183. World’s First Blockchain University to Open Doors Next Year
  184. Malaysian listed company Country Heights to hold EGM on ICO proposal
  185. Blockchain in Manufacturing Market Will Be Worth $500 Million by 2025
  186. John McAfee: Cryptocurrency is just a transactional financial aspect of the blockchain
  187. Abra Wallet and Exchange Service Introduces Token That Tracks Crypto Index
  188. Seoul’s Mayor launches a five-year plan to promote blockchain-based industries
  189. Eximchain Brings the Global Supply Chain Industry on the Blockchain
  190. US Crypto Firms Pivot to Cryptofriendly Asia
  191. IBM Wins Patent for Blockchain-Based Network Security System
  192. Ripple’s XRP Added to Crypto.com’s Wallet & Card App
  193. Binance Invests $2.5 Million in TravelbyBit, Will Bring Crypto Payments to Major Airports Globally
  194. Joseph Young: Coinbase valuation increased 4 times during the bear market in 1 year
  195. XRP proves that it is the most effective digital asset for solving payment problems from speed and transaction price
  196. Huobi Blockchain Big Data Weekly Insights (Vol.16 2018/9/19–2018/9/26)
  197. Venezuelan President Maduro: During the initial sale of petro coin, he received offers from 133 countries
  198. Singapore Hosts More ICOs Than the United States in August
  199. 54% cryptocurrency exchanges have poor security. Okcoin scored 15 points out of 100
  200. BitMEX’s new COO hopes to establish constructive dialogue with regulators around the world on the regulation and development of the cryptocurrency industry
  201. Blockchain Advocacy Coalition Applauds California’s Two New Pro-Blockchain Laws
  202. SAP Boosts Blockchain Integration and Customer Flexibility with New Industry Consortia
  203. Brazilian regulators give green light to investment funds to purchase Bitcoim indirectly
  204. Big Tickets Introduces BitPay Integration With Bitcoin Cash (BCH)
  205. UCSD launches new blockchain research center BlockLab with IBM, Intel and more
  206. Beijing Sci-Tech China’s Oldest Tech Publication Accepts Bitcoin As a Payment
  207. The Supreme Court of India will make the final judgment on the use of banking channels to buy and sell Bitcoin on cryptocurrency exchanges.
  208. CFTC Chairman: The United States is very concerned about fraud and manipulation in the field of blockchain and cryptocurrency
  209. Chairman of the Korea Blockchain Association: It is recommended to allow start-up companies that meet certain conditions to conduct ICO
  210. Pornhub: Digital currency payments account for only 1% of payments. It is expected to be more widely adopted in the future.
  211. The number of large Korean law firms dealing with cryptocurrency has grown rapidly
  212. Japan’s new Minister of Science, Technology and IT is pro-blockchain
  213. French officials arrested for selling state secrets using bitcoin as a means of payment
  214. Consultant of the US SEC Education Office: There are many similarities between the cryptocurrency and the marijuana industry
  215. Eliminating Security Vulnerabilities in Virtual Markets and Decentralized Exchanges
  216. Google search for Bitcoin and Ethereum hit an 18-month low
  217. Genesis Mining Releases New Statement on “Alternative Solutions for Open Bitcoin Contracts”
  218. Enterprise Ethereum Alliance and Hyperledger to Advance the Global Blockchain Business Ecosystem
  219. Venezuelan: Petro coins are in the world’s six major exchanges and will be implemented nationwide
  220. Ukraine may be exempted from crypto transaction income tax
  221. Ripple CEO: Blockchain makes global payments easier
  222. TEMCO Secures Investment from No. 1 Korean Venture Capital “Korea Investment Partners”
  223. Wyoming, USA intends to create a bank to attract bitcoin start-ups
  224. XRP will work with three financial institutions to apply xRapid products
  225. The number of digital currency ATMs in Belgium and the Netherlands is increasing but Luxembourg is still relatively backwards
  226. ScoutChain signs a MOU contract with India’s Ambe International, an expert in outsourcing
  227. Australia’s first digital currency consulting company is sued
  228. Nobel Prize winners join the blockchain industry
  229. Circle announces launch of USD-backed stablecoin
  230. Bithumb will issue “Bithumb token” to trade on its website
  231. StellarX has completed beta testing and launches officially
  232. Bithumb solidify infrastructure with ONEROOT’s R1 protocol
  233. BitTorrent is launching the Atlas project and to provide Tron (TRX) as an incentive
  234. The Prime Minister of Malta said that cryptocurrency is inevitable in the future
  235. ELONCITY Secures 20 Million USD in Investment
  236. The lobbying company hired by Ripple will receive partial compensation in digital currency
  237. Fidelity invests to become a head company in the area of ​​blockchain
  238. Hanwha Group joins the Ethereum Alliance
  239. Huobi Group announces Huobi Chain Superhero Championship Program Winners
  240. TechCrunch co-founder announces that his venture capital firm has decided to leave the US and move to Asia
  241. EU regulators say encryption CFDs will continue to limit for three months
  242. Swiss Bank Dukascopy will be Conducting ICO Project
  243. Investors Speculate that Binance and BitMEX will be Closed by the SEC after it Shut Down 1Broker
  244. Philippine United Bank joins JP Morgan Chase Interbank Information Network
  245. Veem & Goldman Sachs Announce Partnership for Seamless Small Business Payments
  246. Elementus Reveals Surprising Trends In The ICO Market With New Blockchain Deciphering Technology
  247. Samsung are developing 10 nanometer mining chips
  248. The Fifth Largest Bank In China BoCom Uses Blockchain to Issue Digital Mortgages worth $1.3 Billion
  249. Andreessen Horowitz Partner: People should learn to take advantage of the application of blockchain technology
  250. Marsh and IBM to Launch a Commercial Version of Blockchain Insurance Solutions
  251. The Mobile Payment Market Is Increasingly Adopting Cryptocurrency Payment Methods
  252. Blockchain Data Analyst: Many people hold digital currencies but have not traded or will cause prices to rise
  253. Secondary Market Analysis (28 September)
  254. TRON Blockchain to Make BitTorrent Protocol Faster, Better. TRON Unveils More Details
  255. South Korean Cabinet Ministers agree to exclude digital assets trading companies from venture business
  256. 65 cities in South Korea plan to launch Token Seoul Satellite City Government has launched token Siru
  257. NITI Aayog to tackle counterfeit drugs with Blockchain technology
  258. Survey: Japan’s investment in digital currency accounts for the highest proportion of retail investors
  259. A Big Wave of Stablecoins Detected – Reports Predict One to be Launched Every Week
  260. China’s first hotel to accept Ethereum payment recently opened
  261. Coinbase Rolls Out New Updates to Simplify Cryptocurrency Trading for Beginners
  262. Bitbns calls Zebpay users to migrate with zero fees
  263. Deputy Minister of the Cabinet of Japan: New technologies such as blockchain are one of the key foundations of policy
  264. Security company: Be wary of hackers using ProtectionX virus to perform mining attacks
  265. Bitcoin’s monthly trading volume has surpassed Germany’s largest stock exchange
  266. The United Nations and Sierra Leone will work together to develop a blockchain-based identification system
  267. SEC-Regulated Hyperion Exchange Signs MOU to List Bullion-backed Kinesis Money Stable Coin
  268. Swiss Asset Management will launch metal-backed cryptocurrency
  269. ClanPlay Receives A Strategic Investment By Bicameral Ventures Towards Launching On The Aion Blockchain
  270. Ripple joins startups to form an alliance to lobby for cryptocurrency regulators
  271. The Bank of India denies the establishment of a department to study digital currency
  272. Media Report: Goldman Sachs and Ethereum cooperate to research and launch ETH financial derivatives NDF
  273. YGGDRASH Launches Industry’s First Multichain Testnet to Communicate with the Developers Community
  274. Bloomberg: Momentum indicators show that the next bull market is coming
  275. Chinese Tech Giant Baidu Releases ‘Super Chain’ White Paper
  276. Binance ranks first in 24-hour turnover in exchanges with a fee-based market
  277. Austrian National Tourist Office plans to use blockchain technology for digital advertising campaigns
  278. Secondary Market Analysis (27 September)
  279. Korean government: 9 blockchain related business units can enjoy policy benefits
  280. 4Stop Selected by Ontology for Identity Authentication Services
  281. Japan Dentsu cooperates with the University of Tokyo to develop an AI algorithm for extracting virtual currency-related information from Twitter
  282. Line launches three new Dapp services
  283. Sydney couples spend up to $300,000 on cryptocurrencies
  284. Austria Tourism Pilots Blockchain Tech Using Ethereum-Based Token
  285. Huobi Pool broke into the top 10 worldwide mining pools by hashrate distribution
  286. ICO Pitch Session to Set the Pace at Blockchain Fair Asia 2018
  287. Austrian new government bond auction will introduce blockchain technology for the first time
  288. The Malta Digital Currency Act will be implemented on November 1 this year and will hold the National Blockchain Summit
  289. HTC blockchain mobile phone Exodus will be released soon: open pre-sale in October
  290. Singapore-Based Trading Exchange Platform ABCC Launched An All-New Digital Asset Exchange
  291. Another digital currency exchange in Australia is certified by ADCA
  292. Ethereum co-founder: cryptocurrency is the natural evolution of money
  293. US House of Representatives: Legislators’ lack of awareness of the encryption industry is an obstacle to government regulatory action
  294. North Korea Using Cryptocurrency To Evade U.S. Sanctions
  295. Monroe developers fix bugs that can damage exchanges and merchants
  296. Coinbase Exchange plans to introduce new processes in the future or will introduce listing fees
  297. eToro analyst: cryptocurrency investors need to focus on traditional markets to make better investments
  298. Australian scientific institutions complete testing of the University of Sydney blockchain network to process 30,000 cross-border transactions per second
  299. BitTemple & Node Capital kick-started the first Blockchain Innovation Technology Week
  300. LINE announces the launch of two new DApp services
  301. Decentralized application ecosystem Gifto works with NEM to improve blockchain service scalability
  302. Republic Crypto Adds Two New High-Promise Startups to Crowdfunding Line-up
  303. McAfee Labs Sees Cryptocurrency Mining Surge Continue in Second Quarter
  304. SEC Chairman refuses to replace the securities law to accommodate digital currency
  305. Seoul, South Korea will launch a blockchain policy to promote smart city construction
  306. Philippine central bank deputy governor: central bank encourages financial technology companies to explore blockchain
  307. Dan Romero, Vice President of Coinbase: The new rules will support more currencies to go online in compliance with legal regulations
  308. Moscow Stock Exchange invites encryption industry companies to discuss blockchain and digital assets
  309. Singapore: The Upcoming Blockchain Hub of Asia
  310. Indian firm develops Blockchain powered platform to fight poverty
  311. US digital currency industry, Wall Street and legislators will discuss digital currency regulation
  312. TokenMarket CEO, Ransu Salovaara, to Speak at Gibraltar International FinTech Forum
  313. Emergent Technology™ To Introduce Identity Verification Across Its Platforms
  314. More than 70 banks join JP Morgan Chase to test blockchain payments
  315. Blockchains Replacing Bank Vaults
  316. Coinbase and Caspian encrypted cooperation management platform
  317. President of Malta: Blockchain technology can be a catalyst for changing the way in which charities are created and regulated in the future
  318. BitTemple BIT Week Livestream – 21 Sep Night
  319. BitTemple BIT Week Livestream – 20 Sep
  320. BlockAsia Global Launch Party Live Stream – 19 Sep
  321. BitTemple BIT Week Livestream – 19 Sep
  322. Lotte Securities uses technology such as blockchain to improve customer login system processes
  323. BitTemple BIT Week Livestream – 18 Sep Night
  324. BitTemple BIT Week Livestream – 18 Sep
  325. Chairman of Zaif Exchange, resigned as Deputy Representative of Japan Blockchain Promotion Association
  326. SBI CEO: Self-regulation based on strict regulations is now very urgent
  327. McAfee Report: Digital Money Mining Malware Increases 85% in Second Quarte
  328. Israeli blockchain company develops honey traceability system to track food sources at the molecular level
  329. Thailand and the American Chamber of Commerce sign a memorandum of understanding on digital trade and investment
  330. Regium Introduces the Digital Royalties Platform to Transform Data Economies by Making it Easy to Build Blockchain-based DApps
  331. BGOGO Disrupts the Traditional ICO Model – $420 Million USD 24-Hour Trading Volume
  332. BIS report: Digital currency is currently unable to pose a risk to global financial stability
  333. Spain will use blockchain technology to develop forestry
  334. UNICEF Office in France accepts digital currency donations
  335. Bitcoin Trust Fund CEO: Canada becomes a country friendly to new technologies such as digital currency
  336. South Korean Government Pledges to Support Blockchain Startups
  337. US Bank adopts RippleNet for processing international payments
  338. LD capital held a glamorous luncheon at CHIJMES with crazy rich ‘cryptosians’ from around the world
  339. Coinbase announced that it will cooperate with Caspian
  340. Sun Yuchen: Turning DApp from Ethereum blockchain to Tron network
  341. New York State Attorney General’s Office Launches Digital Money Market Integrity Program
  342. Indian companies to use Blockchain based ID verification from Lynked.World
  343. Thai Kaitai Bank joins Visa Blockchain Pilot Program
  344. Be wary of hackers using Virobot malware to perform ransomware attacks
  345. ASTON, One of the Most Influential Coins in Korea, to Be Listed on BCoin.sg Exchange
  346. Yomiuri Shimbun recommended that the Japan Financial Services Agency (FSA) “strictly review the asset management conditions of other cryptocurrency exchanges
  347. US Asset Management Corporation: French currency will be replaced by cryptocurrency and believes that investors should participate
  348. Research report shows that digital currency trading volume in 2018 will exceed total US corporate debt
  349. Africa BitPesa and Japan SBIRemit reached a cooperation
  350. Some analysts believe that the network using POW consensus will be more stable
  351. The Reserve Bank of India believes that the Supreme Court should not interfere with its encryption-related decisions
  352. Sophos Recognized as a Leader in 2018 Magic Quadrant Reports for Endpoint and Network Security
  353. ACI & SWIFT enable Banks to Take Advantage of Real-Time, Cross-Border Payments Revolution
  354. Calicut University to use Blockchain technology for academic records
  355. WXY Consulting launches the first Eleven Global Meet Up in Singapore
  356. Zhao Changpeng: More freedom provided by regulated stable currency
  357. Joseph Young: Bitcoin defects will be caught during QA and review
  358. India’s first Blockchain based share registry for unlisted firms launched
  359. Binance lists Paxos Standard token (PAX)
  360. Nebulas announces mainnet v2.0 Nova roadmap, plans launch by end of the year
  361. Jake Chervinsky: The SEC’s new deadline for the Bitcoin ETF proposal is December 29
  362. Chinese Blockchain Fund Plans to Raise $13 Million for Japanese Yen Stablecoin
  363. Ph.D., Fudan University: Blockchain can improve the market failure
  364. Chen Delin, President of the Hong Kong Monetary Authority: Studying the feasibility of the central bank’s digital currency
  365. With the rise of BTC, the global market capitalization rose to 218.4 billion US dollars
  366. Indian realty sector adopting Blockchain, crowd funding, says consultant
  367. Dash Partners With Leading Indian Cryptocurrency Exchange Bitbns
  368. HKEx is discussing with investment banks the target of acquiring blockchain
  369. South Korean Crypto Exchange Upbit to Open Singapore-based Crypto Exchange in October 
  370. Bank of America (BoA): Bitcoin transactions are 6,000 times cheaper than traditional legal currency transfers
  371. ChainUP Global Meetup Tour has kicked off in Singapore
  372. Coinsquare Subsidiary Launches Two ETFs on the Toronto Stock Exchange
  373. Head of Ernst & Young Blockchain China: Any industry is suitable for blockchain
  374. Hong Kong: Virtual assets are not currencies, and the possibility of issuing digital currency by the central bank is being studied
  375. Venezuelan digital currency petro will be used for international transactions from October 1
  376. California Campaign Steering Agency: Political donations cannot use digital currency
  377. Former Chief Economist of Guojin Securities: Asset Digitization is the Future Trend
  378. Cryptojackers hack Indian government owned website for mining
  379. Dean of the Swiss Court of Responsibility: There are four key points in blockchain governance
  380. Tokenomy Announces the Full Launch of Tokenomy Exchange
  381. Distilled Analytics and Shyft Network Partner to Combat Global Identity Theft, Exploitation, and Human Trafficking
  382. 2nd Annual CHAINERS Blockchain Week – Nov 26th to 30th
  383. WXY Group Sparks Off Captivating Conversations with ELEVEN Global Meetup
  384. Japanese Finance Minister: Digital Bureau Exchange Operator Tech Bureau has problems in system and management
  385. ODEM Activates Smart Contracts on the Ethereum Blockchain
  386. Major Russian banks are very interested in cooperation with the encryption industry
  387. Ant Financial Service Blockchain Releases Three Major Products
  388. The US SEC has opened a procedure to decide whether to approve the VanEck / SolidX Bitcoin ETF proposal
  389. European civil aircraft manufacturer Airbus launches blockchain donation platform
  390. SparkLabs announces the first blockchain accelerator to be established in Washington, DC
  391. CEO of Zebpay appreciates the report of the New York State Attorney General and emphasizes digital analysis
  392. Block Asia provides end-to-end solutions for Quality Blockchain Projects
  393. YouTube has accepted XRP micropayments
  394. European Airbus Foundation accepts digital currency donations based on the Ethereum network
  395. Spending on the cryptocurrency loopholes by agencies has increased dramatically
  396. Abu Dhabi Regulatory CEO: Proper regulation will enhance confidence in the cryptocurrency sector
  397. Swiss blockchain startup Eidoo announces the launch of a stable currency linked to gold
  399. Singapore Monetary Authority tests the Singapore dollar based on DLT technology for cross-bank settlement only
  400. Akamai Technology CTO: Mitsubishi UFJ Financial Group’s blockchain-based payment network can process 1 million transactions per second
  401. Japan Financial Services Authority prepares to handle a large backlog of exchange license applications
  402. Ripple announcement of new crypto based product xRapid up prices by 19%
  403. National University of Singapore (NUS) announces the creation of a blockchain research center
  404. Korean crypto exchange operator Dunamu will start digital currency exchange in Singapore next month
  405. Chairman of the UK Finance Committee: Digital currency should be regulated by the regulatory body
  406. The SEC Commissioner reiterates that the SEC should not require the encryption market to be fully regulated by the government.
  407. Stellar’s commercial entity acquires blockchain company Chain
  408. Brazilian anti-monopoly regulators conduct monopoly investigations on large banks in the field of cryptocurrency transactions
  409. PlayChip Digital Currency Exchange Approved
  410. NIIT Technologies Introduces Chain-m, a Blockchain Powered Solution for Airlines and Its Partners
  411. Head of the Singapore Monetary Authority: Securities tokens apply to the existing Singapore Securities and Futures Act
  412. Yao Yongjie, Xiong’an Fund: plans to raise HK$100 million to invest in a stable currency project linked to the yen
  413. Chief Accountant of the US SEC: Companies are responsible for complying with accounting standards when dealing with blockchains and digital assets
  415. Samsung SDS and Korea Customs Service Partner to Build a Blockchain Customs Platform
  416. South Korea’s Ministry of National Defense is conducting a study on the introduction of blockchain systems
  417. Ganesh Pandals in Andhra Pradesh uses Blockchain for getting permission
  418. ETERBASE becomes the first cryptocurrency exchange in Europe to meet regulatory requirements
  419. UK Minister of Health and Social Work: Blockchain has great potential in the medical field
  420. Shanghai Financial Services Office issued a document reminding investors to guard against ICO and virtual currency trading risks
  421. Central Bank Shanghai Headquarters: Always working hard to prevent ICO and virtual currency trading risks
  422. Hanyang University in Korea will open the “Hanyang Blockchain Research Institute” in 2019, focusing on blockchain technology and economic model.
  423. Central Bank Peng Feng: Blockchain may become the future financial infrastructure
  424. STEEM stops strikes on STEEMIT website and third-party website APP
  425. Ethereum wallet MyCrypto releases new features to schedule ETH transactions in advance
  426. Blockchain App Factory Moves into Security Token Offering Development (STO)
  427. Coinone: A verified real-name account can be used to deposit and withdraw Korean Won
  428. First IOTA, now EOS – ARXUM Becomes Blockchain Agnostic
  429. A girl tried to live in China for 21 days with 0.21 bitcoin
  430. Binance Starts Closed Beta Testing of New Crypto-Fiat Exchange in Singapore
  431. How close are we to mass adoption of Blockchain technology?
  432. Spain’s Aragonese government uses blockchain technology in public administration
  433. Some digital currency exchanges in India still support the Indian rupee to buy digital currency
  434. Delhi municipal corporation uses Blockchain technology to monitor over 10,000 saplings growth
  435. Weekly Secondary Market Analysis (10 September – 17 September)
  436. Zimbabwe’s new finance minister: digital currency can solve the problem of cash shortage in Zimbabwe
  437. Cryptocurrency is not a valid mode of payment, RBI reply tell Supreme Court, final hearing 18 September
  438. American Law Journal: Digital Money Lawsuit in 2018 Shows Rocket Growth
  439. Texas, USA seeks ID management solutions based on blockchain technology
  440. Japan’s Financial Services Authority announces encryption regulations. Only 16 applicant companies have been audited.
  441. The first ICO project in Jersey, UK
  442. Blockchain transformation begins on Grand Kemper Island, Queensland, Australia
  443. Wavefield and Ripple launch platform to send tokens via social media
  444. Dubai Silicon Oasis Authority launches blockchain business registry
  445. Attend Manila’s largest and most star-studded blockchain conference
  446. The blockchain course at Aizu University in Japan will begin the blockchain technology course in October this year.
  447. Anthony Pompliano: No government can stop or kill Bitcoin
  448. Financial magazine: New areas of cryptocurrency secondary market reshuffle Wall Street steering index fund
  449. Korean telecommunications company KT and Gimpo launch blockchain local currency platform
  450. IBM’s blockchain courses in India are popular with students
  451. Indian local government uses IBM Cloud to host key applications involving blockchain technology
  452. Aventus solves concert ticket scams in U.S.
  453. Cocos-BCX Raises $40M to Redefine the Future of Blockchain Gaming
  454. Global Blockchain Market Grows as Financial Organizations Adopt the Technology
  455. Distributed Business Accelerator (DBA) aims to provide solution to Vitalik Buterin’s problems
  457. Do Not Reject Blockchain and it’s Advantages Entirely
  458. Warning Of Another Overheated Domestic Crypto Market in South Korea
  459. Indian government approves Exim Bank MoU on Blockchain
  460. JET8 is turning everyday social media users into paid micro-influencers
  461. Metal Pay Launches With Peer-to-Peer Payments App
  462. Singapore-based blockchain platform JET8 is turning everyday social media users into paid micro-influencers
  463. Wu Guan of the Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences: The biggest value of the blockchain is to let consumers trust data.
  464. Koinex introduces INR deposits and withdrawals
  465. Bithumb: No longer provides Korean withdrawals for accounts that are not certified in the real name of the bank.
  466. Blockchain is widely used in medical data and insurance fields, such as IBM Nokia
  467. CFTC Chairman: Digital Monetary Regulators Should Avoid Suppressing Innovation
  468. Web-based Cryptocurrency Exchanges are the Most Preferred Way to Trade – Survey
  469. Korea Customs Administration will establish a blockchain-based export customs logistics service with Samsung SDS
  470. Some commercial banks in Vietnam are ready to stop business related to digital currency
  471. WXY to Host ELEVEN, the World’s Anticipated Blockchain Networking Meetup on 18 September
  472. Russia plans to introduce blockchain technology into forest management and log trading
  473. Coinbase will provide services to institutional investors and retail investors respectively
  474. Ideanomics Signs $6B Deal with China’s Leading Auto Financing Company – First Auto Loan
  475. ClearPoll Launches Groundbreaking Decentralised Opinion Poll App
  476. Canadian regulator approves BTC Trust Fund
  477. Global crypto giant Huobi acquires majority stake in Singaporean entrepreneur Eric Cheng’s Japanese-licensed crypto currency exchange BitTrade
  478. Blockchain experiment focusing on personal identity in Dublin, Ohio
  479. Redefining How Companies Connect with Consumers at Olife Connect
  480. Blockchain Institute adds P&G, Cisco, Intuit, ExxonMobil and SpaceChain
  481. Chinese Government To Adopt Blockchain Technology To Improve Charity System
  482. British listed mobile media company launches cryptocurrency Electroneum
  483. Chairman of the Cyprus Securities Exchange: Is conducting a risk assessment of blockchain technology, uncertain whether it is for ICO legislation and regulation
  484. Minister of Finance: French Parliament decides to implement the new legislative framework to give ICO legal status
  485. Block Asia Secondary Market Analysis – Sep 13, 2018
  486. Bitcoin core developer Jonas Schnelli: If Bitcoin becomes a global payment tool, it will be too difficult to give up POW.
  487. Royal Bank of Canada: XRP can reduce transaction time and costs
  488. BitMEX is accused of manipulating ETH prices
  489. BIMG Vietnam held a summit to actively cultivate new kinetic energy in the blockchain
  490. Shanghai launches nationwide first blockchain electronic prescription
  491. Japanese digital currency investment is becoming just crazy gambling
  492. 2018 Encryption average hedge fund lost 51.58% in the past three months, an average loss of 25%
  493. NewChain TestNet Officially Launched and Fully Meets Commercial Requirements
  494. Quisitive and Jumptuit Join Forces to Build a Blockchain Data Exchange
  495. President of Tongji University: AI block chain and research and application of innovation in terms of urban governance is an interdisciplinary topic
  496. India’s central bank to submit an affidavit to the Supreme Court to increase efforts to combat digital currency
  497. Technology digital currency outlook is very broad but its stability is “hard bifurcation” threat
  498. US government law enforcement defense lawyer: US government is accelerating the clearing of the encryption industry
  499. China Welcomes Australian Blockchain-Based Companies as Potential Business Partners
  500. Malta’s three blockchain bills will take effect on November 1, 2018
  501. The Hong Kong International Institute for New Economics and a number of institutions jointly issued the “White Paper on Chain Energy Economy”
  502. London Capital Group has added cryptocurrency products
  503. Charlie Shrem: Gemini’s stable currency will last for decades
  504. OKCoin Korea will open HYCON trading on September 13th from 16:00-17:00
  505. Sun Yuchen: The market value of the digital currency market will reach 10 trillion US dollars before Apple and Amazon.
  506. More than 13,000 merchants worldwide have accepted digital currency payments in Europe and America.
  507. Li Wei, CEO of Fun Chain Technology: Entity combination under blockchain and chain is more important
  508. DGroup Zhao Dong: blockchain is more than just a simple technology
  509. BIMG Ding Laibin: there are still many problems in the promotion process of the current medias
  510. Africa’s attention to Bitcoin remains undiminished
  511. Korea Ministry of Knowledge Economy set up blockchain supervision improvement research group
  512. Japanese Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry officials: Blockchain has affected Japan’s market of nearly 600 billion US dollars
  513. Market Analysis : 12 September 2018
  514. Gemini announces that GUSD will go online at Bibox Exchange
  515. Paxos ® Launches New Stablecoin, Paxos Standard™
  516. Blockchain Market Continues to Grow as Record Number of Patents Were Filed in 2017
  517. Forbes Joseph Young: The stability of the stable currency is more important than the ETF because now the USDT cannot replace
  518. Crypto Asset Market Report, September Week 1
  519. Virtuse Bridges the Gap between Traditional and Digital Assets
  520. Overstock CEO sells 10% of the shares, saying “Don’t worry, I am still in the game”
  521. Limited services for Crypto traders in Korea without Real-Name Verification
  522. US states require India to seize the assets of the Bitconnect project leader
  523. Alibaba and IBM leading the blockchain patent race
  524. What Blockchain Can Do in the Supply Chain
  525. No order likely in crypto hearing at Indian Supreme Court today
  526. Forbes China CEO: Blockchain and other technologies are becoming the mainstream of insurance innovation in terms of precision marketing
  527. The Korean government has launched a digital currency real name system to convert virtual accounts into real-name verified accounts
  528. UK Treasury Secretary of the Economy: The Chancellor of the Exchequer has not yet had any formal discussions with the Bank of England on the state-backed digital currency
  529. CINDX: a leading project in digital asset management
  530. Austrian economist: Bitcoin has no intrinsic value
  531. Vice-Chairman of the European Commission: The EU will focus on digital currency asset classification and regulatory planning
  532. Be wary of phishing sites disguised as EOS Authority
  533. Russia will set up a hedge fund to minimize losses to digital currency investors
  534. Digital currency is a substitute for inflation in the Philippines
  535. French football club Paris Saint-Germain launches fan token products
  536. Prime Minister of Malta: Blockchain license will be issued in November
  537. EU finance ministers: no rush to further regulate the digital currency market
  538. Tyler Winklevoss: The innovation of Gemini Dollar is that it is a stable coin that can solve the problem of trust
  539. The World’s biggest blockchain summit series is coming back to Dubai this October
  540. Cryptic Labs Adds Two Nobel Laureates in Economics to Spearhead Economics Advisory Board
  541. Upbit will interrupt BTG’s trading services in the BTC, ETH and USDT markets from September 15
  542. Constellation Labs Launches Global Ambassador Network
  543. Citizens Reserve Announces ‘SUKU’ Platform to Create Industry-Agnostic, Blockchain-Powered Supply Chain Solution
  544. Chinese traders using VPN to access crypto exchanges
  545. Kenya Commercial Bank and Blockbank Collaborate to Promote Bank Encryption
  546. Crypto miner attacking Indian corporate, says Kaspersky Lab
  547. Lightning Labs new technology allows a blockchain’s local currency to trade on another chain
  548. Australian Prime Minister: Blockchain technology is changing the Australian banking system
  549. BitForex to continue to run the reward system
  550. The UAE will approve an ICO regulatory plan that will be considered a security
  551. US defense experts: digital currency is not a way of asset transfer by terrorists
  552. Meet the future of blockchain: AI enabled crypto-exchange and dual-purpose coin
  553. US government law enforcement defense lawyer: SEC’s ban has nothing to do with Bitcoin and Ethereum
  554. C-CEX: Do not send Dogecoin and Litecoin to the old address
  555. Uzbekistan is seeking technical and capital assistance from South Korea
  556. Australia’s New South Wales puts a digital driving license on the blockchain
  557. India eye Rupee backed digital currency to cut physical cash notes, cautions crypto usage
  558. MLM nature blockchain scam Ruibo Federal Reserve is using Baidu search paid advertising to accelerate penetration
  559. Official Launch of Liquid, a New Crypto Platform Opening Up Liquidity for Crypto Markets Worldwide
  560. Japan’s Financial Services Agency Issues First ICO Illegal Fundraising Punishment Order
  561. South Korea: Greater International Cooperation Between Regulators For Crypto Needed
  562. BTC fell below $6,300
  563. BTC, ETH and XRP are the most popular digital currency for holders
  564. Hyderabad police arrest five in cryptocurrency scam
  565. Blockspace becomes world’s first Blockchain Experience Centre in India
  566. Opera expands its digital wallet beta program to increase transaction notifications and send collectables directly
  567. Top 5 Insights from Inaugural Bibox Global Meetup in Singapore
  568. Huaren Capital Expands Foothold in Philippines, Focuses on Providing Opportunities for Future Investors
  569. A new version of XMR Wallet supports Apple Watch 2FA authentication
  570. Phore Blockchain Supports ‘Tour De Crypto’ to Raise Cryptocurrency Awareness and Blockchain Adoption for Charity
  571. SNS meets Blockchain: Funkeypay
  572. Bank of China announces 2018 interim results and launches multiple blockchain projects such as UnionPay cross-border remittances
  573. Twitter CEO: Twitter is exploring potential applications for blockchain
  574. China tests a state-backed blockchain finance platform
  575. eep Technology Venture Firm Launches COSIMO X Tokenized VC Fund
  576. Chhattisgarh completes first global Blockchain challenge
  577. Chengdu’s application for patents exceeds 100 policies 
  578. Malware targeting Bitcoin ATM is being sold in the underground market for $25,000
  579. Bobby Lee: The next bitcoin price soar will be in May 2021
  580. The Ultimate Guide To The Newest Blockchain Courses In Singapore
  581. Nikkei: Japan is currently about two-thirds digital currency individual investors losing money
  582. Vice-President of the Bank of Russia: The attitude towards the digital currency is still restrained. It is more to help the government to enact the bill.
  584. Russian Digital Currency and Blockchain Association renamed for broader management and construction
  585. The block auction in the blockchain was investigated by the US law firm
  586. Southeast Asia’s largest digital currency exchange Coins user base more than 5 million
  587. Uzbekistan’s establishment of a digital currency trust fund funded by the National Project Management Agency
  588. IBM announces the use of blockchain-based health monitoring systems
  589. FBI Financial Crime Leader: The number of digital currency crimes has risen but criminals still prefer cash
  590. South-Korea making their move to full blockchain adoption
  591. Digital Asset Custody Company Announces Secure Custody Solutions for Horizen and Zcash
  592. World’s First Reality TV Virtual Gifting for Vietnamese Edition of TV Series The Bachelor
  593. Thailand’s Energy Regulatory Commission wants to draft new regulations to deal with the surge in peer-to-peer energy trading based on blockchain technology
  594. A luxury mansion in the capital of Malta is now open for sale and only accepts bitcoin payments.
  595. India needs ecosystem for development of Blockchain technology, believes experts
  596. Koinex announces real-time internal messaging system
  597. Swiss blockchain company Smart Valor or regulatory approval for digital currency-related business
  598. Bitcoin Fund Manager: Bitcoin ETF’s refusal of responsibility lies primarily with the initiator rather than the regulator
  599. Thai cement producers want to use blockchain technology to ensure transaction security and transparency
  600. Berlin will host an art exhibition focusing on blockchain and digital currency
  601. $1.8 million encrypted robber was sentenced to 10 years
  602. Federal Reserve Kashkari: The view on digital currency is even less optimistic
  603. YOYOW Team Officially Opens Core Source Code of YOYOW Blockchain
  604. New Jersey, USA, man steals more than $1 million in digital currency
  605. Uzbekistan’s Digital Currency Exchange Regulatory and Licensing Act came into force
  606. Belgian think tank calls for EU countries to unify digital currency regulations
  607. Malaysia Securities Commission ordered LVC to stop all promotion activities
  608. CoinVoice Blockchain Innovation Summit: Sharing new investment opportunities
  609. Hong Kong blockchain startups apply to issue Asia’s first cryptocurrency Visa debit card
  610. China’s Central Bank & Digital Currency Research Institute Added 8 New Patents Invention
  611. Turkish National Stock Exchange will establish a blockchain database platform
  612. New Hyperledger Course Expand Accessibility of Enterprise Blockchain Education
  613. BTC short-term decline of over 200 US dollars is now reported at 7175 US dollars
  614. Fidelity & Blockchain Start-up Building Block REIT Announce Alliance
  615. JAMS Launches Smart Contracts, Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies Practice
  616. Crypto Valley of Asia: Is it really possible for Philippines?
  617. TransferGo unveils Blockchain remittance services to India
  618. Indian cryptocurrency exchange organizes crypto meet-up
  619. Japan tested a voting system based on blockchain technology
  620. Australian Stock Exchange investigates an ICO company
  621. India’s IT giant joins Blockchain in Transport Alliance
  622. Blockchain security expert Hosho: One quarter of smart contracts have critical security holes
  623. The number of accounts on the Stellar network exceeded 1 million
  624. Blockchain FinTech firm, Pundi X, hires senior banking executive as its new Chief Investment Officer
  625. OKEx: will open HYC at 17:00 on September 5th
  626. Thailand Bitcoin Fraud Victims Revoke Complaints against Two Key Victims
  627. CoinTiger Exchange Announce Equity Mechanism to TigerCash (TCH)
  628. The total market value of digital currency rose to more than $240 billion for the first time since August 7
  629. EOS is blocked on the Japanese exchange
  630. Monroecoin warns XMR holders to steer clear of using MEGA Chrome extensions
  631. Craig Wright: Bitcoin makes government taxation easier
  632. Digital currency industry experts: BTC prices may rebound to more than $10,000 in November
  633. Gujarat based CoinRecoil crypto exchange goes live
  634. Bitcoin hopes to raise up to $1 billion in private financing before the IPO. 
  635. Japan’s Financial Services Agency (FSA) introduces new requirements for Cryptocurrency Exchanges
  636. Kowala Launches Andromeda, the Alpha Mainnet of Its USD-Pegged Stablecoin
  637. South Korean Lawmaker Proposes Regulation-Free Crypto Zone For ICOs
  638. Iran officially acknowledges cryptocurrency mining as an industry and is set to draft a policy framework for encrypted mining in the next three weeks
  639. Coindelta reintroduces INR deposits, withdrawals
  640. Zebpay announces ceasing of Indian rupee trading
  641. Japanese real estate company trial real estate transaction digital currency settlement platform
  642. The Korean government plans to increase the blockchain public demonstration project to 12 total budgets over US$9 million next year.
  643. Director of the US Capital Structure Board: Attempts to replace the US dollar with BTC will be difficult
  644. The Jiangsu court sentenced that the digital currency sales contract was invalid and both parties were at fault.
  645. Dubai Multi-Commodity Center licenses Global Blockchain Technologies to provide blockchain services
  646. The head of the IBM government blockchain project: the government will choose the private chain, not the public chain
  647. Temasek officially denied participation in Bitco’s IPO
  648. The Korean government began training more than 40 blockchain experts
  649. Mayor of Naples, Italy promises to introduce municipal encrypted digital currency
  650. Philippines takes a positive stance on regulating crypto-currency & exchange
  651. Kenya Economic Affairs Institute wants to review the digital currency regulatory framework
  652. Former Estonian Prime Minister Taavi Rõivas is a consultant to the blockchain start-ups
  653. Thailand is the next up and coming Blockchain space in Asia
  654. Indian officials sent a visit to foreign regulators to learn how to deal with digital currency issues
  655. Alibaba Group Holding has filed more than 10% of the 406 world’s patent applications related to blockchain
  656. Diginex and Symbioses Deploy Decentralized Supercomputing Network
  657. The UN wants to turn to blockchain technology to cope with climate change
  658. BOScoin Research Institute ARIST Presents Joint Research Paper with KAIST at International Symposium
  659. Language Information Communication Chain breaks down language barriers to allow knowledge sharing
  660. Western Union remittance or use of Ripple in the new pilot did not disclose more details
  661. UK financial regulator warns of three unauthorized digital currency companies
  662. German Stock Exchange launches blockchain and digital asset division
  663. BYSEC and long-term security strategic cooperation with four exchanges
  664. Philippine SEC Commissioner: Draft Digital Currency Exchange Regulatory Rules to be released this week
  665. SEBI to study crypto currency, sends team to Japan, UK, Switzerland
  666. Visa’s former managing director joins UK blockchain company Nugget
  667. UnionBank of the Philippines Steps into Blockchain Tech Space to Reduce Costs
  668. Microsoft is connecting blockchain technology with its main products
  669. Laos Central Bank warns people not to use digital currency
  670. Apple asked Coinbase to remove the encryption game contained in its wallet app
  671. Blockchain Live 2018 – September 26th, Olympia London
  672. 160 cryptocurrency exchanges seeking to enter the Japanese market
  673. The Taipei Medical University Affiliated Hospital has launched a blockchain medical platform to improve data organization
  674. Locus Chain Solves The Efficiency Issue Of Current Mainnet
  675. LINE Launches Its 1st Cryptocurrency ‘LINK’
  676. Thai Judicial Research Institute: Criminal cases related to digital currency may increase substantially in a short period of time
  677. Blockchain and Cryptocurrency jobs growing in Asia
  678. COINYEX Become the First Legally Certified Exchange in Cambodia
  679. Banking Regulatory Commission Fan Wenzhong: Blockchain and artificial intelligence are driving capital market changes
  680. Decentralized Exchange Altcoin.io Raises Nearly $1 Million in Funding
  681. Russian police confiscated bitcoin ATMs nationwide
  682. People’s Insurance Company of China (PICC) to embrace blockchain technology
  683. Taipei Medical University Affiliated Hospital Launches Blockchain Medical Platform
  684. Indian telecom studying usage of Blockchain based solutions to curb unsolicited calls, SMS
  685. Quantstamp Releases Blockchain Security Protocol on Ethereum Network
  686. FansTime (FTI) Lands on Huobi Korea Exchange
  687. Former Nigerian President: Blockchain can stop corruption in Africa
  688. Huobi Group Announces Members of the Huobi Chain Expert Advisory Committe
  689. Skycoin was invited to The First China-Australia Blockchain Ecology Construction summit
  690. Colombian President proposes exemption for five-year income tax on companies such as digital currency and blockchain technology
  691. Province currency to digital currency
  692. Taipei Medical University Hospital launches blockchain-based healthcare platform
  693. Japanese exchange bitbank announces new management system to strengthen corporate management
  694. Line will issue its own virtual currency Link as a payment user reward
  695. LALA World launches Blockchain payments app in India
  696. Blockchain Ecology Summit 2018: Uranus is the Uber and Airbnb of the Computing Market
  697. Blockchain can help India to build smart cities
  698. The Korea Global Finance Association and the China Zhongguancun Blockchain Industry Alliance have reached a cooperation agreement
  699. Blockcloud Global Meetup: Delivering the value of Future Internet
  700. The Reserve Bank of India (RBI) has formed an inter-departmental group.
  701. US lawyer plagiarizes Bitwise ETF application: Federal Register has never been published, so SEC will not reply
  702. Market Analysis: 31 August 2018
  703. Shanghai Yangpu will build a “blockchain building” to promote the blockchain production, research and research docking
  704. BlockAsia launches Android App
  705. Security Chain was invited to the China-Australia Blockchain Ecology Summit 2018
  706. Russian legislators suggest turning to gold-backed digital currencies in arms exports
  707. CPChain Announces First-of-its-Kind Token Buyback Plan
  708. Standard Chartered Hong Kong said it has submitted a virtual banking license application to the HKMA and established a corporate entity.
  709. Armenia’s establishment of a new free economic zone will assist in the construction of a digital currency mining center
  710. Indian telcos planning to use blockchain to curb unsolicited calls and SMS’s
  711. FormulA and Node Finance form partnership to launch digital wallet in Asia-Pacific
  712. CoinCards.ca Customers Can Now Buy Gift Cards Using Dash at Hundreds of Top Retailers
  713. Block Asia Meetup Livestream: Rise of Security Threats in Crypto Exchange
  714. Tokyo Police Department co-stars to strengthen understanding of digital currency activities
  715. Zeonlab launches Blockchain based academic certification management service
  716. Monetary Authority of Singapore Forms Partnerships To Settle Tokenized Securities
  717. World Digital Finance Summit on November 09
  718. Indian central bank studies the feasibility of introducing digital currency to cope with rising banknote management costs
  719. Cryptocurrencies and Digital Assets Dialogue 2018
  720. BIMG gathers first tier fund managers in Vietnam to invest in high-quality blockchain projects
  721. FuzeX Signs Memorandum of Understanding With ‘Dash’ to Launch New FuzeX Cryptocurrency Payments Card
  722. Huobi HADAX 2.0 granted approval from community after first round of voting
  723. Philippine Bank launches blockchain-based intercom system
  724. EU finance ministers will discuss whether to tighten digital asset regulations in September
  725. Indian police arrested five digital currency scammers for $1,430,000
  726. Market Analysis: 30 August 2018
  727. Reserve Bank of India issued a report saying that digital currency does not currently constitute systemic risk
  728. Korea Development Bank suggests that North Korea has been mining cryptocurrencies
  729. Russia will monitor the digital currency wallet of suspicious individuals to assist the government in combating money laundering and related crimes
  730. OKEx to introduce new policy changes in light of recent regulation changes
  731. SUSS hosts workshop on “Smart Contract Programming for Businesses”
  732. PwC predicts India’s global leadership in Blockchain by 2023
  733. Kenya launches first blockchain digital currency
  734. EOS continues to rise by 9.61%
  735. The Maltese Parliament has passed three bills to establish a regulatory framework for blockchains, cryptocurrencies
  736. The Moscow government will use Ethereum to promote transparency in the trading system of the weekend farmers market
  737. Subsidiary of the Iranian Central Bank: Iran’s national digital currency is issued by the central bank and does not require mining
  738. Tron Virtual Machine: A Step Closer to Building the No. 1 Public Chain in the World
  739. Polymath and Prime Trust Announce Partnership to Provide Custody for ST-20 Security Tokens
  740. The Japanese government has increased investment in innovative institutions to add blockchains and other technical funding directions.
  741. Korea Post will use blockchain technology to handle deposit and remittance related matters
  742. Japanese Consumers Association reminds consumers to beware of READ company’s fake digital currency advertising
  743. Singapore and Chongqing will conduct blockchain technical cooperation in information communication and media
  744. Market Analysis: 29 August 2018
  745. World’s First Cryptocurrency Exchange To Accept PGG (Physical Gold) Pairing As A Medium Of Transfer
  746. Busan National University Graduate School of Finance opens blockchain course
  747. Tech Mahindra tie up with Microsoft to build Blockchain based ecosystem fighting spam calls
  748. Hong Kong to launch first decentralized cryptocurrency exchange
  749. The market value of the top 100 cryptocurrencies rose by 11 points
  750. Agricultural Bank of China launched blockchain customer digital credit system “small bean” customer participation in over 13 million
  751. Cellular Operators Association of India wants to use blockchain technology to curb spam calls and text messages
  752. Indian patent body invites EoI for usage of Blockchain, AI in patent processing system
  753. Israel will adopt a digital currency to prevent tax evasion
  754. Convicted actor buys $5 million in bitcoin to hide property
  755. Russia may force censorship of more than $9,000 in digital currency transactions
  756. Samsung has developed a blockchain certification platform for Bank of Korea
  757. Minister of Technology and Industry of Turkey: I hope to use blockchain technology for fund transfer
  758. Giottus reopens INR withdrawals, deposits through P2P trading
  759. Market Analysis: 28 August 2018
  760. Iranian central bank official: Iran is creating a transfer network based on blockchain technology
  761. INSEAD partners with Blockchain Research Institute to advance blockchain research
  762. Cambodia uses blockchain technology to guarantee grain prices
  763. Malaysian cryptocurrency market: More buyers than sellers
  764. Head of the Financial Market Committee of the Russian Parliament: Digital currency may help investors avoid international sanctions against Crimea
  765. MAS and SGX partner Anquan, Deloitte and Nasdaq to harness blockchain for settlement of tokenised assets
  766. The Philippines may become one significant place for blockchain projects to land in Southeast Asia
  767. Filipino farmers will ensure wage security through blockchain technology
  768. AFBS2018 – The most anticipated international FinTech and Blockchain Summit by far in the Philippines
  769. Dash and Kripto Mobile Partner to Launch New Cryptocurrency Ecosystem in Latin America
  770. Reserve Bank of India set up Cryptocurrency, Blockchain research unit
  771. Alluma crypto exchange to list Etherparty
  772. Diginex Partners with The Mekong Club
  773. National Research Council of Canada built an ethereum blockchain explorer
  774. Malaysia Securities Regulatory Commission is reviewing new digital currency LaVida
  775. Zebpay has delisted VeChain without giving any reason
  776. Thailand warns companies that issue tokens without permission
  777. Indian digital currency P2P trading options are increasing
  778. Singapore Central Bank executives: blockchain fundamentally changes the way financial transactions are executed
  779. Indian police sued bitcoin Ponzi scheme suspect Amit Bharadawj other accomplices received arrest warrant
  780. North Korea plans to hold a Blockchain and Cryptocurrency Conference this October
  781. Korea Industrial Bank Report: North Korea tries to develop digital currency
  782. Market Analysis: 27 August 2018
  783. Alibaba Cloud launches a new blockchain service
  784. South African mining machine sales market is not hot
  785. Energy Eco Chain and Finblock Indonesia together with 26 organisations jointly established the Southeast Asia Blockchain Alliance
  786. The draft national digital currency project in Iran is ready for the central bank to indicate the digital currency position at the end of September
  787. YOYOW-WeCenter Framework Release: Convenient Access to YOYOW Network
  788. Malaysia and Alibaba have co-established a digital free trade zone
  789. COBINHOOD First Crypto App To Win Prestigious Red Dot Award For Design
  790. Company.com Partners with Job.com to Bolster Recruitment Offerings
  791. UAE based firm to launch first Islamic crypto exchange
  792. Five departments, including the China Insurance Regulatory Commission, warned against illegal fundraising in the name of digital currency and blockchain
  793. G20 officials discuss issues related to the digital economy or will issue relevant statements this Friday
  794. Bank of Thailand Set to Launch Their Very Own Digital Currency Early Next Year
  795. Thomson Reuters and Singapore Financial Technology Association use blockchain technology to solve financial crime problems
  796. Robin8 Influencer Search Engine Launches Disruptive Influencer Analytic Tools
  797. Indian education council keeping watch on Blockchain courses
  798. YGGDRASH is First Korean Project to Enter Listing Votes for BitFinex and EthFinex
  799. Coinsquare announces planned European expansion
  800. Blockchain Market is Set to Grow Rapidly on Funding from Various Industries
  801. New York Eastern District Court issued a permanent ban on digital currency fraudster Patrick K. McDonnell
  802. The Monetary Authority of Singapore and the Singapore Exchange will develop delivery and payment token settlement procedures
  803. Speaker of the US House of Representatives: Ohio supports blockchain technology
  804. Market Analysis: 25 August 2018
  805. Binance launches their own Incubator program
  806. Distributed Credit Chain Announces China Blockchain Application Center (CBAC) Exclusive Launch Event
  807. A fire broke out in a digital currency mine in South Korea
  808. Japan Blockchain Association BCCC Announces Establishment of Token Economy Group
  809. UK government studies distributed ledger technology to protect digital evidence
  810. Nearly 40 listed companies revealed progress in the transformation of blockchain
  811. Japanese companies use blockchain technology to produce laboratory diamonds
  812. Commonwealth Bank of Australia delivers first bond through blockchain technology
  813. Central Bank of Kenya: Do not recognize digital currency, blockchain technology has a huge risk of being misused
  814. Germany threatens to withdraw from SWIFT payment system or will benefit digital currency
  815. India’s political party become first globally to adopt Blockchain technology
  816. Africa-based Startup Treon Determined to Bring the True Value of Blockchain in the Developing World
  817. Female CEO of leading blockchain social network Ke Xu featured in Forbes
  818. Commonwealth Bank of Australia uses blockchain technology to manage agricultural assets
  819. North Korean hacker organization develops new malicious code to attack digital currency exchanges
  820. Singapore Uppsala launches Google Chrome extension to block phishing sites with blockchain technology
  821. UK Department of Justice seeks to use blockchain to protect digital evidence
  822. In 36 hours Genesis Capital Debuts Blockchain Ecology Summit in Melbourne
  823. Bank of China completes international remittance business under the first blockchain technology in China
  824. Ant Financial Service: Strictly monitor and investigate the investigation of key websites and accounts by virtual currency over-the-counter transactions
  825. Bank of Kenya seeks to use blockchain technology
  826. YGGDRASH is First Korean Project to Enter Listing Votes for BitFinex and EthFinex
  827. Newly appointed FSA Chief states Excessive’ Regulation of Japan’s Crypto Exchanges’ not needed
  828. The State Council Poverty Alleviation Office wants to use blockchain technology to create an open poverty alleviation platform
  829. Market Analysis: 24 August 2018
  830. Indian police seized a drug dealer through bitcoin transfer account records
  831. SharesPost and Securitize Announce Partnership to Facilitate Listing of Security Tokens
  833. Kerala based Blockchain startup acquired by US firm
  834. Beijing prohibits shopping malls, office buildings and other places to host virtual currency promotion activities
  835. Russian National Development Bank subsidiary issues VEB tokens
  836. Lynked World offering Blockchain enabled ID verification system in India
  837. Pyongyang will hold an international blockchain conference at the end of September
  838. Vice Dean of China Cyberspace Research Institute: Blockchain technology can make up for the lack of Internet credit mechanism
  839. Robin8 and Kantar Media CIC to Beta Launch the World’s First Revolutionary Blockchain Influencer Solution
  840. Japan Securities Alliance held a plenary meeting to establish a blockchain research group
  841. Korean political parties discuss the introduction of blockchain voting system
  842. Russian entrepreneurs suggest to build an encrypted valley in Russia
  843. Shenzhen Taxation Bureau will promote blockchain electronic ordinary invoices throughout the city
  844. Thai SEC reminds investors to invest cautiously in DB Hold stock and digital currency
  845. ClinTex CTi Leverages Blockchain Technology to Lower the Cost of New Medicine
  846. Japan FSA leader: no intention to over-control the digital currency industry
  847. Wechat bans Blockchain Media Outlets as China calls for stronger media regulations
  848. China’s war on cryptocurrency rages on : WeChat bans cryptocurrency media outlets
  849. China’s First Cryptocurrency Exchange BTCChina Clarifies That It is Not Affiliated With BTCC
  850. Market Analysis: 23 August 2018
  851. ZenCash Unveils New Brand Horizen to Reflect Rapidly-Growing Privacy-Focused Blockchain Platform
  852. OKEx Joins SharesPost’s Global Security Token Network
  853. Polymath and V Stock Transfer Partner to Make Compliant Security Tokens a Reality
  854. Only 36 cryptocurrencies of the top 100 have working product, says study
  855. Huobi OTC marks foray into Vietnam with zero transaction fees
  856. BuyUcoin launches Blockchain powered job portal
  857. Market Analysis: 22 August 2018
  858. Shanghai ceremony seals HNB, Haomai partnership
  859. Asia’s hottest electronic music festival becomes first to use blockchain for onsite transactions
  860. Tata Communication unite with other firms to deliver proof of concept in telecom sector
  861. Can Blockchain successfully deviate from the virtual economy to a real economy?
  862. Australian Bitcoin payment demand climbs, Cointree and Gobbill cooperate with regulatory approval
  863. Wuhan Municipal Construction Group realized the payment of the blockchain amount of nearly 80 million yuan
  864. Regulation Crypto – A Proposed Framework for United States Cryptocurrency Regulation
  865. Vanuatu is setting up a five-year plan and regulatory framework for its E-Nation project
  866. Thai stockbroker denies involvement in bitcoin fraud and claims to be a victim
  867. Russia’s Amur State issues tokens for the large economic forum EEF
  868. South Korean City Chuncheon Partners with Swytch to Accelerate Renewable Energy Consumption
  869. Taiwan will host the world’s first large music festival using blockchain technology
  870. Countries such as The Philippines, South Korea and Thailand ease regulations to lure fintech investment
  871. Chairman of the Hong Kong Digital Asset Investment Association: Blockchain is the future hope that Hong Kong will have more say in the blockchain
  872. Market Analysis: 21 August 2018
  873. Blockchain and ICO are put on the special agenda by the Korean National Assembly
  874. Atlas Protocol secures multi-million investment led by Softbank China Capital, defining blockchain interactive advertising
  875. SPOKKZ to use Ontology Blockchain platform for content streaming
  876. Shanghai Stock Exchange and a number of companies join together to create more application scenarios for the insurance chain

  877. Trans-Fee Mining Model: FCoin, the Chinese Cryptocurrency Exchange, is Leading the Industry
  878. South Korean government bans venture capital companies from investing in digital currency exchanges
  879. Indonesia First Blockchain Hub launches
  880. Iconiq Holding Launches Digital Asset Index Funds and Announces Upgrades to the ICNQ Token With Gibraltar Blockchain Exchange Token Sale and Exchange Listing
  881. Cryptocurrency Framework Needs Update – Japan FSA
  882. Indonesia introduces its first blockchain hub
  883. Singapore-Based Crypto Exchange Cryptology Lists TomoChain (TOMO) and PolicyPal Network (PAL)
  884. Chairman of the Venezuelan Digital Currency Association: Digital currency is the evolution of money
  885. Deloitte survey reveals that Blockchain is overhyped
  886. Mogo Brings its Digital Financial Products to More Canadians
  887. SFOX Raises $22.7 Million for Its Institutional Crypto Asset Management Platform
  888. Unbound Tech Listed in Five Gartner Hype Cycle Reports
  889. Conduent Names Nikhil Nayab to Lead Blockchain Initiatives
  890. Market Analysis: 18 August 2018
  891. iComply Launches Public Beta to Deliver Legitimacy to Security Token Platforms and Exchanges
  892. Blockfesta 2018- 22-23 August – Seoul, Korea
  893. BX3 Capital Announces Partnership with BlockDrop
  894. BitConnect chief arrested from Delhi airport
  895. Gravity Venture Capital is bringing attractive projects into the industry of Blockchain
  898. Daibc : Investments & projects showcases 27- 28 September, Kuala Lumpur
  899. The Ocean launches first institutional-grade decentralized trading platform
  900. South Korean City Chuncheon Partners with Swytch to Accelerate Renewable Energy Consumption
  901. World Blockchain Summit Dubai, 24-25 October 2018
  902. Taiwan established a blockchain industry self-regulatory organization to guide the development of industry norms
  903. China’s first blockchain health data authorization check card online
  904. Blockchain game Last Winner was hacked to steal 12 million yuan
  905. Mayor of Busan: Busan wants to build a world-class “Silicon Valley in the field of encryption”
  906. South Korea surveys virtual currency exchanges
  907. The Russian Digital Currency Act will soon introduce the rights and obligations of participants
  908. Polymath Announces First Private Security Token in Partnership with 7Pass
  909. Market Analysis: 17 August 2018
  910. Shyft Engages First Group of Trust Anchors With Over One Billion Data Points To Network, and Rolls Out TestNet
  911. Bitcoin SV Full Node Implementation Launched to Fully Restore Original Bitcoin Protocol
  912. The strength of Bitcoin is demonstrated in the Turkish Lira Crisis
  913. Philippines becomes one of the most developed cryptocurrency communities
  914. New Zealand Financial Markets Authority warns USI-Tech to provide services without authorization
  915. A large number of digital currency related cases have appeared in Chinese courts due to the collapse of digital currency prices
  916. $7.11 Bn Blockchain in Energy Market – Global Forecast to 2023 – Leading Players are Microsoft, Accenture, IBM, Infosys, and SAP
  917. Emercoin Partners With Infopulse, a Large International Software R&D Company
  918. Reshaping the News Industry with Blockchain
  919. Thai SEC authorized 7 digital currency companies to operate legally
  920. Pantera Capital CEO: Bitcoin is a rat drug, then the bank is a mouse.
  921. Russia’s largest digital currency mining center will open in the Leningrad region
  922. Laurence Pitt from Juniper Networks: blockchain not a replacement for comprehensive network security
  923. Former Chief Engineer of the Shanghai Stock Exchange: Too much currency change may be counterproductive
  924. Market Analysis: 16 August 2018
  925. Ukraine may treat digital currency as a financial instrument for supervision but not equal to legal currency
  926. Huobi Joins GLASS Network and Invests in SharesPost
  927. India’s CourierHome to use Blockchain for its logistics business
  928. Taiwan’s legislator Xu Yiren: Taiwan will become “the capital of cryptocurrencies” and “the island of blockchains” in four ways.
  929. Hot updates from ABCC: Listing of Stellar & Modifying of AT rewards schedule
  930. Indian exchange supports stable currency trying to bypass the RBI ban
  931. The Korean government has removed the digital currency exchange from the classification of venture companies
  932. Ethos Announces Simplex Agreement – Accelerating Phase I of Fiat Gateway
  933. New Zealand Inland Revenue: cryptocurrency is taxable property, not currency
  934. Hungary is studying the digital currency regulatory framework
  935. Hosho Announces High-Caliber Additions to HoshoCon Speaking Line-up
  936. Bank of China and China UnionPay will cooperate to explore blockchain, big data and other fields
  937. Market Analysis: 15 August 2018
  938. India’s Exim Bank inks MoU with BRICS for adopting Blockchain tech
  939. Thai bitcoin fraud case escaping from US during bail
  940. TEMCO recruits Gabriel Kurman as Social Impact Advisor
  941. WBRShow attracted 1000 investors with portfolio exceeding half a billion dollars
  942. Huobi Group Launches Institutional Trading, an Exclusive Channel for Depositing and Withdrawing High-value Assets
  943. Bitcoin Price Analysis: Bears in Danger
  944. India is studying the possibility of launching digital passes in the public sector
  945. BIMG Institute – Insights into the future
  946. DEXON Receives $20M In New Funding With Proven Performance
  947. The Spanish Left-wing Political Alliance calls on the government to explore and implement blockchain technology
  948. DMarket Launches Software Development Kit in the Unity Technologies Asset Store
  949. Venezuela plans to set up a digital currency central bank
  950. Japan will set up the cryptocurrency practitioners association on September 1
  951. South Korean government announces exemption of digital currency related business and blockchain projects from tax reduction bill
  952. Bank of China to increase financial technology expenditure pilot blockchain project
  953. Market Analysis: 14 August 2018
  954. MedChain and Cognition Foundry Partner to Tackle Important Healthcare Challenges Using Blockchain and IBM Technology
  955. Indian digital currency fraud suspects detained at the airport
  956. World Bank allows Australian bank to issue first Blockchain bond
  957. South Korean Deputy Prime Minister Kim Dong-yeon: plans to invest 9-10 trillion won in blockchain and other fields in the next five years
  958. Interview with the winners of Accounting Innovation Challenge 2018
  959. ExCraft Launches First DAO, User-Governed, Cloud Native Cryptocurrency Exchange
  960. The Iranian stock exchange has provided the infrastructure needed to trade digital currencies
  961. EY to spend US$1 billion as part of its innovation drive
  962. Kenya plans to complete traceability of its food industry chain through blockchain
  963. Market Analysis: 13 August 2018
  964. Vietnam’s National Bank bans digital currency violators will be fined 200 million VND
  965. Global Digital Finance Capital (GDF) was Established, Looking for a $100 Billion Unicorn
  966. Blockchain is the future of insurance sector, writes Bajaj Allianz General Insurance head
  967. WAX and Terra Virtua Form Strategic Partnership
  968. Etherparty Exploring Qtum Integration into Crowdsale Creation Platform, Rocket
  969. DISH adds Bitcoin Cash as Option for Customers; Migrates to BitPay for Cryptocurrency Payment Processing
  970. India embraces Blockchain technology
  971. Shift Markets Partners with Stellar to Expand Lumens in Emerging Markets
  972. VUE Software Launches Blockchain Initiative